No sulking! Keep eye on our goal--Defeat Obama!

Curt Dale

Why is no one candidate running away with the search for the Republican nominations? I'm intrigued by the way the GOP voters are reacting to three of the candidates, and feel I rather fully comprehend the fourth. I'm looking for common themes that cause Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to appeal to the GOP electorate and for those separate themes that move them toward one or another of the three. Ron Paul attracts a group that probably has very little "crossover" capacity at this point, fancying themselves of the Libertarian ilk. Thinking that Ron Paul will not ultimately be the candidate, I hope they will ultimately have the willingness to stand strong against their ultimate opponent, Barack Obama, know that removing him from office is what this is all about, and that they need to look for libertarian qualities in the candidate who remains standing.

While realizing the possibility that there could be a dark-horse candidate arise at the convention if one of the current candidates can't glean sufficient delegates to be nominated, I hope the factions supporting the individual candidates will rapidly fold into one enthusiastically supportive movement behind the winner. Failure to come together will give us another disastrous four years, accelerating of the policies of the worst President we've ever had.

Once that decision is made, not only will the Libertarians need to join in to achieve victory, but those who have been partisans for Gingrich, Romney and Santorum will need to mount up and get behind the ticket. Nothing less has a chance of dethroning Obama. Petulance, snitting, sour grapes, religious parsing and fault finding must go by the board. We have to see Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Pentecostals, Evangelicals and those of any other religious persuasion, who is dissatisfied with what's happening in our Oval Office, step into the breach and retire Barack Obama. If we, collectively, do not do it this way, we have no one to blame but our collective selves. Together, we can do it. Splintered, we will get to see him strut back into the White House next January, and that's when our troubles as a nation will really start.

The other thing we must do is let the Establishment GOP know that we are steering the boat, not them. Their plans seem to have been somewhat upset by this selection process that is taking longer than they like. It's making them uncomfortable because they are not in control like they were when we got the likes of Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, and John McCain shoved down our throats. What I see happening right now is the American Republicans choosing their candidate, and it is incredibly messy. I thought I was really disappointed that Mitt Romney lost in Colorado last night. In retrospect, maybe not! Santorum really upset somebody's applecart last night with his three win hat trick, and it may not have been only Romney's cart that took a tumble. Is it possible that it also bent the noses of our Establishment GOP?

The biggest puzzle for me is that the Tea Party was supporting Gingrich in Georgia, Romney in Florida, and Santorum in some of the races he's won. The best I can figure it out, none of these people are really reprehensible to the Conservative Tea Party mindset. It even appears that in some cases the Tea Party will divide up at this point and support all three in somewhat even groups. Therefore, I'm thinking it might not be a great leap for the Tea Party voters to get on board with the eventual nominee of the GOP. If they can do it, the other real thinking voters can do the same. I'm thinking the process we're watching is a real gristmill for these candidates, refining, tempering, and kneading them in an intense tutorial of what the American voters who lean to the Conservative side want. What they were when their campaign started will only be a resemblance of what they will be when the campaigns are over.

Once we are gathered behind the emerging Republican choice, the need for enthusiasm and work will be huge. Obama's sudden reversal on Super PACs tells me his billion dollar war chest didn't materialize, and he's now ready to take money from any source. So, the more enthusiasm we show for our Republican candidate, the more difficult it will be for Obama to raise funds with which to pummel our candidate. However, complacency will be our greatest enemy. If you, instead, revolt against the GOP because you don't get your preferred candidate, sulk and stand down, we'll have the Messiah for another 4 years, and our suffering will be beyond imagination. Get involved, press for your choice, but be magnanimous if your candidate doesn't end up on top, and transfer your allegiance quickly to the winner, helping him to the goal, the ultimate defeat of Obama and his horrible policies.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), FEBRUARY 2012, Parker, Colorado

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