Senator Pat Toomey is perfect example of
the Establishment GOP who "doesn't get it!"

Curt Dale

I just sent an e-mail to Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) telling him what I think of his leadership in the Super Committee and how he is willing to sell the real contributing citizens down the river. He proposes to drastically reduce the deductions for mortgage interest, charitable deductions to our churches, charities, etc., and many other ways to chop us off at the knees. All of this after he sold himself as the Conservative alternative to Arlen Specter, and we supported him. Here is a synopsis of what this traitorous turncoat proposed. Here's what I wrote.

"Honorable Senator Toomey, I feel it is necessary that I speak my piece on your so called leadership in the Super Committee in which you are about to sell out the conservative people who backed you to win your seat in the Senate. Your willingness to put the screws to homeowners by reducing mortgage deductions is simply reprehensible, gutting deductions for charitable donations, and other proposals that play into the hands of Obama and crowd. DON'T YOU GET IT SENATOR? You aren't being creative; you are an instant study in business as usual in DC. We had great expectations of you, conservatives, Tea Party and the like. You are a total disappointment, and I feel you will help doom many other Republicans by so quickly joining the USELESS ESTABLISHMENT GOP members of Congress, willing to compromise at the expense of the people who are paying for the waste and excesses of Congress and Obama."

His comment in defense of his position is that he's about the best thing that ever came down the pike, no matter what we think of his initiatives. I don't agree! He's become another worthless wart in Washington.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), NOVEMBER 2011

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