Curt Dale

It is astounding to watch the Left attempt to methodical and viciously take apart the GOP candidate of the moment with incredible venom and underhanded approaches. Think back a couple of months when the Obama's White House campaign planners made innuendos about how they would "destroy Romney" by citing his "weirdness." That opened the avenue for the Democrat Operatives to raise the Anti-Mormon card to use against him. Oh, this happened months before Perry supporter, Preacher Jeffress, revived the issue a few weeks back after one of the GOP Presidential Debates. Romney was riding on top of the polls at the time the White House suggest his weirdness.

Next we saw Perry announce his candidacy, and the Left was first to rush to the "stupid Texan" accusation raising the specter that he is a clone of GW Bush. Had to shove Perry back down in the bucket. Now, Herman Cain is riding high in the polls of the GOP Candidates. Apparently not very much of a way they can do too much direct slamming of him without appearing to play the racist card.

So, the one thing the Left can throw at him is the accusation of sexual harassment. It almost worked when they did it on Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas. If you will recall, Anita Hill came up with an accusation of Thomas, nearly similar to those we're hearing about Cain, something that is purported to happen in the rather foggy past. Fortunately, the Congress saw through the political ploy and dismissed the allegations. Now, Cain will have to battle one of the most heinous accusations that can be made, one that is intended to raise questions that cannot be fully answered. Cain had absolutely denied the accusations, but the media will now start searching for the possibility, and those possibilities become the answers. Nothing has to be proved. There is little chance his accusers will be brought forward and be grilled. Their statements have already had the desired effect.

Accusations of sexual harassment are a marvelous way to bilk another person out of money, gain revenge when one is dissatisfied with the conditions of employment, or to discredit a political rival. There is little likelihood that this was brought up by anyone other than the Left. It would be far too dangerous for one of his GOP rivals to engage in such a political ploy. If it was revealed that this was done by a GOP rival, you can kiss that rival goodbye. There is surprisingly more ethic in the GOP campaign than we might initially think. Frankly, I am often surprised at the constraint that I see in the GOP Debates. I revel in their heated exchanges. Each time it gets heated, we learn far more about the two who are in each other's faces. But, if the Democrats do the unwarranted accusations of sexual harassment, it's seen as business as usual with the defense that all is fair in politics.

Thinking back, there is nothing new about the "weirdness" approach to discrediting a nominee or candidate.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), NOVEMBER 2011

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