NC Dem Guv Perdue serious about suspending Congressional Elections

Curt Dale

Now, North Carolina Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue's PR guy is say that she was just kidding when she said, "I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope someone can agree with me on that." Well, Guv, you can bet I do not agree with you in any way. Wouldn't you just love to have that way of keeping Democrats in power in the Senate for two more years so that they don't have to run on their own and Obama's horrid performances in office in 2012? No, I think you were totally serious, Ma'am!

I suppose there is no limit to which these Democrats will go to try to stay in power, in this case, the suspension of our democracy, calling a halt to democratic election process in order to give Obama and his Democrat controlled Senate their best chance to avoid a major defeat in 2012. Perdue was talking to a Rotary Club when she said this. It makes no sense that she was speaking in hyperbole as she made this and other comments which confirmed that she had given it some thought and come up with a set of terms on which this could be done.

She said she thinks that a temporary halt to elections would let Congressional members focus on the economic problems we have. She said, "You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things." Think of those Democrat Senators and House Representatives who are already considering retiring so that they don't have to face the 2012 election. Perdue's comment would give them a pass for two to six more years.

I feel very comfortable in saying that the governor's idea certainly would not solve the national debt crisis. It would simply give the Democrats another three years, if I understand how this would affect elections, to continue drunken spending. There would be Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen who would be extended beyond their term by two years or even six years. House members could ostensibly be extended to four years, and I can foresee some senators dodging an election and running out to twelve years before having to run for election. I hope others can see the stupidity of this comment. It is not a joking matter, even though Perdue's handlers would now have us think it was an effort at humor. You don't waste that much of a speech on a dumb joke.

Shoot, the Governor should have come up with a far better idea for Democrats. Don't just skip the Congressional election. She should have proposed skipping the Presidential Election, too, so that Obama can "solve" the economic mess he's made. It's the same reasoning. That could lead to just not replacing him after four more years, and then we'd have a dictator established, and no elections would have to take place from then on for President. Think of all the campaign funds he'd save. He could then use his billion dollar, plus, war chest to take more vacations. Of course he really doesn't need to use it. We pay for all of his vacations. Does he actually pay for anything since he's been elected? Why didn't Perdue just suggest Obama appoint the Representatives and Senators? That way he'd have total power to solve the problem.

Fortunately, the North Carolina GOP immediately jumped on the idea and made it look just as incredibly stupid as it truly is. However, don't take solace that this isn't a figment of the thought processes of Democrats who want to stay in power. They are in a panic mode with Obama polls dropping like a rock. Even if it sounds like a rather insane idea, float it anyway. Somebody might just grab it and go with it. Is it now conceivable that Obama would have enough brass to appoint a Czar on Election Reform who would throw elections into turmoil with some such scheme? Look at the actions of many of his other czars and see how they have completely circumvented the Constitution. Our elections are merely another vestige of our Constitutional rights and processes which are no more sacred to Democrats than those he's already trampled.

I firmly believe that Perdue made these comments with the wishful thinking in mind that she might have just grasped an idea that could let Democrats avoid having to be responsible to their constituents by just skipping an election. Again, it is an idea that totally defies all principles of the Representative Republic that govern our nation. She would like nothing better. No joking!

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2011

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