Obama hiding in plain sight

Curt Dale

In her biography, Rosalynn Carter explained how President Jimmy Carter virtually became a recluse, bunkering himself in the White House for a great portion of his term waiting for the call that never came-the one that would have told him the Iranian Hostage Crisis was over.

As we see Obama's term dwindling down to a disaster, is he choosing to bunker down in Air Force One and behind his teleprompter screens?

Seemingly, he just can't stay off of Air Force One. Do the hours he's aboard his flying command post give him a respite from what must be a constantly wailing and moaning staff as they see the results of his failed policies put him into a tailspin? He can cloister himself in his presidential cabin and speak only to whom he wishes. If he chooses to see the press, it will be a safe, non-seriously inquiring corps he has aboard, well chosen. Arriving at his destination for the day, he can arrogantly trot down the stairs, alone, toss a salute at a Marine, walk across the ramp with a non-partisan Air Force Colonel and dive into a fawning constituency, also carefully selected.

Then it's into the armored limo for a dash to the rally site-of ever decreasing capacity-loaded with a carefully screened audience. If it's a foreign, non-English speaking audience, so much the better for him.

The protective Teleprompters are ever present, so he never has to look anyone in the eye. Teleprompters are his friends, telling him what he wants to see and regurgitate. He can gaze left and right, keeping his regal distance throughout the speech, conclude, shake the hands of well-chosen plants on the stage and head back to a safe Air Force One.

Nixon and LBJ also bunkered down in one way or another when things went south on them. Not so for Bill Clinton, even at his worst, blue dress moments nor for G. W. who was secure in his decisions even though not all were the best.

With Obama, he has no other refuge. No ranch, no Kennebunkport, no LBJ Ranch on the Pedernales. He does use Camp David, but he doesn't fit into the woods very well. Nobody can see him there. He simply wants to be seen and heard, but never confronted. He was seen at last week's big joint session of Congress for his Jobs speech, Part one. Not even Joe Wilson yelled "You lie!" at him. Perfectly safe! Then Part 2 was to an itty-bitty group in the Rose Garden to lie to us about how he'd pay for it, in fact, saying it was all paid for.

Now, the Turner historic GOP victory in New York yesterday that is a vicious referendum on his policies, and it was deepened with the second GOP win in Nevada on the same day. This is all made worse on the same day by the developing Solyndra green scam energy scandal in the White House, with more of the same emerging with other companies.

The Congressional Black Caucus is getting at arm's length from him.

Where tens of thousands once gathered to pay tribute to the glorious orator, hundreds now gather as the faithful few to hear the latest variation on his unimaginative theme. From all I can see and find out, those crowds have declined to groups as young people, Moderates, Seniors, Independents, disenchanted Democrats, and former Jewish supporters are deserting him. The words of the CBC speak volumes about the attitude of the black community.

Finally, the new drumbeat of the current eight GOP candidates is taking a huge toll on Obama. Yes, they are punching and jabbing at each other, but then they all return to the main theme, "Obama is incompetent, and his Presidency is a disaster," unrelentingly chronicling the failure.

I'm surprised he can even show his face. Or does he? His appearance now resembles the face of a manikin. It shows no emotion beyond arrogance.

Air Force One is a very costly bunker, Mr. President, but enjoy it while you have it. It's one place on the planet from which you haven't spoken to us. A small but valued blessing!

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2011

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