"Tea Party SOB?" Yup! "Sink Obama's Butt!"

Curt Dale

I've just become a full fledged "TEA PARTY S. O. B." The moniker Union Boss Jimmy Hoffa just gave us as he introduced BHO in Detroit seems to be sticking like glue. I can think of others more appropriate, but more crude than I'll write.

Seems like SOB takes me directly to "Sink Obama's Butt." If I've coined that, great! In any case, I want it on Tea Party Rally signs and will make it into a bumper sticker. I can just hear the chant, "Sink Obama's Butt! Sink Obama's Butt! Sink Obama's Butt!" Crude? Sure! Guess it is! But I can tell you that "war ain't pretty!"

You see, what else can you expect of a Tea Party SOB? Yet, I don't think it's nearly as crude as Hoffa's introduction or the rant of Maxine Water, D-CA, who just said, "…as far as I'm concerned, the 'Tea Party' can go straight to Hell."

Well, Maxine, if we Tea Party SOBs don't help Sink Obama's Butt in November 2012, the trip won't be necessary. We'll already be there! That's exactly what Barack Hussein Obama, and you, and your Democrat liberals are attempting to create for us as you destroy our economy with corruption and stealing, ruin our health care system with Obamacare, attempt to obliterate our belief in God, and push to raise our taxes to even more obscene levels. So, Maxine is technically right. We Tea Party SOB can go to Hell, but I don't think it'll be all that straight. The Tea Party folks I know will go in a most difficult manner, kickin', screamin' and fightin' to keep our nation the one we inherited from our fathers and mothers, jamming the Constitution down throats every time they try to alter it with their liberal concepts that it's a "living document" that can be changed at their whim.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), SEPTEMBER 2011

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