If what Waddhams did wasn't conspiracy, then it must've been stupidity

Curt Dale

I'm so sorry widdle Dickie Waddhams got his widdle feewings hurt by the Tea Party. But I'm absolutely thrilled that he has declared he won't run for another term as Colorado State Republican Committee Chairman. I heard him say he was going to find a place where he could "be more productive" than in the job of State GOP Chairman. I almost hate to drop this bomb on him, but he could get a job making tiddlywinks and be more productive than he's been as our Chairman.

His attack on the Tea Party was absolutely pitiful. I am a lifelong Republican and have essentially voted a straight line Republican ticket throughout my life, starting in1968. It's not just the Tea Party folks that wanted him out. There are a lot of solid Republicans who want him out, too. How detached can he be from reality to make the statement, "I have loved being chairman, but I'm tired of the nuts that have no grasp of what the state party's role is." Did he have a clue? The role of the state party is to WIN ELECTIONS!

Instead he and his cohorts made it into an intertwined pool of elites whose sole purpose was to salve their collective egos and do all the could to keep their selfsame elites in power within the Colorado GOP, then come riding back to be our Knights in Shining Armor after successfully eradicating Dan Maes from contention as tacit leader of the Colorado GOP. It made no difference that he lost the governor's race that was there for the losing. He and the good ol' boys-Armstong, Tancredo, Beauprez, Brown, Owens, et al-threw Dan Maes to the dogs along with all the Republican Party in order to make sure he lost. Did he have the insiders draw straws to see who would be the third party candidate and Tom got the short one? Just one of my "conspiracy theories" as to how it could happen!

Is that what Dick was talking about when he called us "the nuts" and that he was "tired of the people who see a conspiracy behind everything we do, people who don't have any clue what the role of the state party really is." Well, he's right that I think there was a conspiracy to get Maes defeated so that no outsider, Tea Party type could upset that inner circle I've described above.

So, what now? Does Ted Harvey (who was just as guilty of supporting the defeat of Maes by waffling on who he'd support, Maes, the Republican or Tantraito, the third party candidate) now become that Knight in Shining Armor to swoosh in as our State GOP Chair? Frankly, I think Ted has more power than he deserves as a Senator from Douglas County.

The conspiracy I saw was the weekly drumbeat of all the insiders falling away from support of Maes. Armstrong, Brown, Beauprez, Owens, etc. Week after week, one old guard GOP luminary at a time would come out in the Denver Post with their oft repeated mantra, "I can no longer support Maes." They made mountains out of molehills to beat him up. Now, we've got "Hick" for 4 or 8 years thanks to the old guard egomaniacs. Surely they knew that Tancredo had no possibility of winning. If they didn't know, they deserve no future roles in Colorado GOP leadership. He had too much baggage, but won enough votes to totally defeat us in the general election and let Hickenlooper swoop into the Guv's mansion without having to make one negative campaign ad. Waddhams and his like did it for him.

If I recall correctly, I heard Waddhams gave Dan Maes a whole $250 check. Magnanimous! Well, I'm not a grass roots activist, whatever that is, Dick, but I think it was said in a most condescending tone. I think I'm a rather sophisticated political watcher, West Virginia Hillbilly that I am. I don't think I got a BS, MA and PhD by being an unobservant clod which is the connotation the grass-roots label conveys to me when it comes from someone in Waddhams' present exalted throne.

I want to see a cleaning out start at the GOP County Chairman level and go right up through the State GOP Committee. What a debacle Waddhams and crowd have allowed to happen. Anyone who goes to the Waddhams farewell party and tells how great a job he's done should instantly be dropped from further consideration in any GOP position of leadership.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), FEBRUARY 2011

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