Tom Tantraito and Waddhams sucking up big time

Curt Dale

I see fence jumper, former Congressman Tom Tantraito found it wasn't greener on the other side of the fence, so he's jumpin' back to the GOP. Forgive me if I don't welcome him with open arms, despite the glowing welcome home given him by Dick Waddams, Colorado State GOP Committee Chairman. Nor do I want to see Waddhams continue in perpetual ineptitude as the GOP Chairman. He just announced he's running again.

Tancredo is now telling us that his move to the American Independence Party was all for our good. It was to protect us from Dan Maes being elected and he managed to get more votes for the American Independence Party than they'd every gotten before.

Well, whooptedoo, Tom! It also got us Hickenlooper for governor. What do I care about how many votes the American Independence Party got? Your desertion of the party at the most crucial time, when we should have taken the Senate and the governor's mansion, was reprehensible. Likewise, Waddhams' less than adequate management of the GOP, combined with your other party deserters throughout the election cycle combined to make it the most miserable election for the GOP in many years. Whatever, Dan Maes was as a candidate, he would have been better than Hickenlooper for governor. But you had to jump in and do a bit ego trip to show you could wipe out Maes. Oh, all y'all can give me every excuse in the world as to why it went sour. But it doesn't wash. Waddhams and a lot of other County level GOP Chairs throughout the state did a miserable job.

So, my desire is to see many incumbent GOP chairs who let down the GOP by sending weak and mixed messages about who to support, or totally deserting Maes for Tancredo, and Dick Waddhams in particular, swept from power as the officer election begin in February. Dick needs to go find somebody's campaign to mess up, not our State Committee. I'm already sick of him telling me what a great job he's done in a difficult time. If you do a great job in a difficult time, you don't lose! You win! We not only didn't win, we were trampled by our own Republican leaders through desertion, disloyalty and totally disjointed effort. With the landscape we had at the start of the election, winning those elections should have been a walk in the park. But Waddhams, Tancredo, and a long list of GOP insiders managed to make it into a Democrat rout while Hickenlooper glided to a win without even having to campaign.

I might as well say it! In the sweep I hope to see, I hope to see a new Douglas County GOP Chairman. My support is behind Mr. Rick Murray and I hope many Precinct Captains and voting members of the committee will see that we need some fast changes. We have too much influence from old hands and past chairs pushing our party in the wrong directions with no success. The Douglas County GOP Committee should be in charge, not run by outside interests, has-been pols, and frequent election loser candidates.

Talking with a good friend this evening, he made what is a very common observation amongst Colorado rank and file Republicans. These leaders of the Colorado GOP have created a nationally embarrassing situation for we Colorado Republicans. He said the rest of the country is either laughing at or sneering at what took place here in November.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JANUARY 2011

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