Obama inexorably locked into campaign mode, funerals not excluded!

Curt Dale

Did you ever see a more bizarre event in your life than what Obama's operatives cooked up in Tucson last night for a "Memorial Service"? Well, it was maybe even more blatantly politic than the memorial service of Sen. Paul Wellstone in 2002, when a crowd of mostly Democrats turned the event into a political rally to get his successor elected. Reminiscent of that debacle, Obama's staff and the liberal university staff turned the memorial to the six people killed by the crazed shooter into the first big campaign of Barack Obama's reelection drive. Some are touting what a great job Obama did, but was it a political ploy for the organizers to distribute thousands of t-shirts throughout the arena, putting them onto he back of the seats, emblazoned with Obama's new logo, "Together We Thrive?" That's as crass as it gets because that was the theme of his speech.

While Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano were uproariously cheered, Governor Jan Brewer received jeers, reminiscent of the boos Sen. Trent Lott got for bothering to speak at the Wellstone memorial service. As for the speech that liberals are calling another triumph for Obama, the Golden Orator, it was filled with some pretty meaningless rhetoric. As an example, I'm wondering what the following petition means: "Let us use this occasion to expand our moral imagination." It boggles my mind a bit as to what he meant. Maybe the most awkward of all for me was when Obama announced that a few minutes after he had visited her, "Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. Gabby opened her eyes!" The "Messiah" had made his visit to her, and miracles happened to her. I'm cynical about his announcement. I see it as just another use of tragedy per Rham Immanual's guidance to the President, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Oh, by the way! Why my cynicism? It seems the President is now in a bit of a credibility bind on the eye opening as it was announced earlier by the medical staff that she'd opened her eyes last Sunday.

The rest of those killed in Tucson got rather short shrift in the memorial, and it was otherwise all about the Democrat political figure. Just like the other victims of the Wellstone plane crash were overshadowed by the political aura, this was all about "Gabby."

I'll leave the comments on the opening prayer 'til last. Apparently the only person on the dais that could be called clergy, regardless of the fact that Gabby is Jewish, was an American Indian/Mexican spiritual leader of sorts, holding a feather and dressed in some native garb, who gave a rambling opening prayer/speech that invoked all sorts of powers and such. It appeared to be an effort to achieve a disconnect from any organized religions during the so called memorial service. Don't misread my intent about the Indian's prayer. I am a registered member of a tribal council due to my own American Indian heritage, respect the religions, but this was one weird portion of a weird event. I had the feeling that a football referee would have been equally acceptable to the crowd.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), JANUARY 2011

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