Yup! I'm totally mean-spirited toward Obama

Curt Dale

Daily, I seem to have emotions boiling up against what I see going on as Barack Hussein Obama presides over our nation. I cannot keep up with them. Sometimes I think they are just a stew of disgust, nausea, contempt, bitterness, hatred, revulsion and other reactions. Amazement, surprise, and disbelief went by the wayside many months ago. I'm now at the point where I put nothing beneath this Administration and this President. Virtually every move he makes is totally beneath contempt, so that emotion is totally inadequate to express my feelings.

So, what am I supposed to feel for this President that lets us down at every turn. I'll just use events as they are currently developing. Today the fruits of Obama's and Attorney General Holder's collective promises about prosecuting the Muslim terrorists, moved from Guantonamo Bay to New York for civilian trial, ripened into putrid mush. The touted legal brilliance of Obama and Holder just went poof. Their idiotic plan to abandon Military Tribunals for these terrorists and to give them all the rights we have as citizens, plus considerations that even citizen minor criminals could only dream of, proved to be just as doomed as the least astute of us predicted. Ahmed Ghailani bombed US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, 1998, killing 224 people. He was solidly charged with murdering the people for participating in the bombing. There were 285 charges against him. But Obama and Holder brought him to NY where the civilian judge predictably threw out the star witness, gutting the case against Ghaliani. Today, the jury acquitted him of 284 charges, and found him guilty of one. He might get 25 years to life, or he might get zilch, depending on the liberal judge. That's 224 murdered people with no satisfactory justice for their death, thanks to Obama's ineptitude--or could it be his sympathy for Muslim Terrorists? I'll choose revulsion that he's President in this matter. Thanks for nothing, for sure!

The Grope Ogle Group (Transportation Security Administration) has gone totally out of control under Obama's guidance and the leadership of his selected leaders, specifically Janet Napolitano. Full body scans that are unconstitutional in their detail and the opt out pat down option that are drawing the ire of airline passengers, pilots and crewmembers are beyond the pale. The unwillingness of this Administration to even remotely consider that the main threat focuses on Muslim Terrorists and accept the idea that profiling as an effective approach rather than punishing everyone through the forced options is simply vile. Obama blithely allows we travelers to be electronically undressed to the point of revealing our literal, most "private" possessions, or forcing us to chose the alternative of minimally trained TSA gropers to feel us up in an admittedly invasive manner. Is the Obama unwillingness to recognize that we are at war with Muslim Terrorists the justification, maybe explanation, for his outrageous procedures? I think disgust is the reaction I have for this mess.

Obama granting waivers for hundreds of thousands of his political supporters in organizations and companies which have found Obamacare impossible for them to accept, but forcing it on everyone else, leaves me bitter that he has systematically destroyed the finest medical program of any nation in the world. Yes, bitter!

His unwillingness to recognize--maybe it's his inability to intellectually grasp--that letting the Bush Tax Cuts expire is going to undermine our income right in the middle of the horrible economic situation, the economy he has almost personally forced to nosedive into oblivion, is despicable. Did I even mention, despicably? No? Well, it fits!

I can't go on forever, but Obama's trip to India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan with 40 airplanes, a 3000 person entourage, at a cost of $200 million a day for 10 days--isn't that $2 billion on our tax meter--was waste of the most incredible magnitude. And I hate such waste and those who carry it out. But to add insult to injury, Obama's hit the ground running back in DC, reloading and heading for Europe--probably to have just as disastrous a trip as the one he just finished in the Pacific. He not only received a cool reception in the Pacific trip, but made comments and did things that have now made him a questionable figure in European-US relations. I believe nations around the world are looking at him as a clown, running hither and thither, trying to hide every silly Jack In The Box that he's released in the past two years.

Well, I think my emotions are expended for tonight. I'll let the reservoir refill so that I can react to Obama's next debacles. Anyone who wishes to rebuke me for being so negative and mean-spirited toward Obama's reign, thus far, please do so. But keep in mind that, at this point, these emotions make me truly mean-spirited toward what he's done and is trying to do. I'd honestly love to find something that I've blamed him for that wasn't his fault. But, I won't be an easy sell if someone tries to convince me I'm wrong.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), NOVEMBER 2010

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