What we do with our backsides determines success after 2 Nov

Curt Dale

Yesterday I wrote a column wherein I gave my opinions on how to hold politicians' feet to the fire and the challenges in doing so. We see them get themselves elected and quickly isolate themselves from the voters through several means including subtle blocks to incoming comment, specifically criticism, and build a self perpetuating inner circle that excludes all but staff and self adulation. I sought to find ways to actively and openly hold them accountable. I felt I didn't come fully to grips with an answer.

This morning, I realized that the answer is taking place before our very eyes--the Conservative Tea Party movement is a manifestation of that answer. We've gotten off our collective backsides and started raisin' Cain to High Heaven, unwilling to shut up and be obedient little serfs of the all powerful government bureaucracy, particularly office holders. Few of us had realized just what a death grip these leeches have had on our jugular. They have been going for the last drop of blood. I believe we see the power we hold as voters if we will but exercise it.

Assuming some of the projected success is coming in this election, after November 2nd we will have two choices: sit back down in our comfortable seats to rest our backsides; or get said backsides in gear and really go to work. If we succeed in turning the corner on November 2nd, I believe that's when the work really begins.

We cannot afford to any longer trust those we elect to use their own resources and devices. The resources are ours. We own the resources--taxes, natural resources, military establishment, our nation. Those things do not belong to Obama and Congress or the various governors and states. Their past outlandish use of the resources of this nation and the devious devices they have foisted on us are what got us into this chaos. We have to enforce, "Never again!"

If one of them says, "Trust me!" join me in assuring that person that trusting is the last thing we'll ever do for a politician. I want my elected officials to have the attitude, "Watch me!" more specifically, "He's watching me!" If he or she says "Watch me!" it makes feedback to them easier. Let's join together in watching them constantly and not accepting one thing we don't want. He or she is my representative and nothing more. He and she is not a power or entity unto themselves. They are public servants, and we need to corral them to that role of servitude, to be retained or dismissed at our behest. We have allowed them to bestow roles of royalty upon themselves.

Yes, I'm still very much Republican, but I take pride in being a Tea Partier, too. I pray that we have only begun to see the beginning of the constructive protests that has been carried forth with the "collective" Tea Party movement across America. I say constructive. Sometimes, construction begins with demolition. I'm looking for the demolition of the incumbent political house of cards on November 2nd and working for the entrenchment of a watchful, quick to retaliate electorate that will reign in those elected at the first sign of excess and ignorance of constituent reasoning.

© Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD USAF (Ret), October 2010

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