GOP Insider Elite Establishment kneecapping its own candidates

Curt Dale

I've been listening to the campaign ads for Tom Tancredo, against Dan Maes, and watching John Hickenlooper get the pass while the lot of the Colorado GOP insiders make fools of themselves, trying to act like they know what's going on.

Yesterday and today, former Congressman Bob Beauprez's ad is playing to support Tancredo and explain that Tancredo is a Republican. Well, if Tom's a Republican, why is he an Independent in the American Independent Party. Further, why should anyone be listening to Beauprez telling us how to get a Republican into the Governor's mansion. Last time he was up, it was against Ritter, and what happened? Bob ran a miserable campaign, we got Ritter for guv with the scads of new taxes, bad laws and incredible amounts of waste. I most cynically thank Bob Beauprez for that. If Dick Wadhams, Bill Owens, Beauprez, Hank Brown, Tom Tancredo, Ted Harvey, and the rest of the priviledged Colorado GOP Insider Elite Establishment knows so much, why is Bill Ritter now governor instead of Beauprez? State Chairman Dick Wadhams' obligatory, half hearted support for Maes is a pity to behold.

It's my opinion that the aforementioned Colorado GOP Insider Elite Establishment (Douglas County GOP Chairman Mark Baisley blistered me for calling it a "machine) has reached a new high of self serving, stay in power at all costs disservice to the faithful Republicans of Colorado. I firmly believe all of them have decided that it is best for their self interest and inflated egos to insure the defeat of Dan Maes so that he cannot become the new "head" of the Colorado GOP. If he never gets in, that leaves them to still come back in 4 or 8 years, after we've been further decimated by a Hickenlooper reign, and have a chance to get another good ol' boy of their choice in the Governor's mansion.

What we are seeing here in Colorado is almost identical to what the GOP Insider Elite Establishment is doing to legitimate Republican Candidates elsewhere, who were not the choice of the "Establishment GOP." It's rampant madness!

In Alaska, defeated Lisa Murkowski is being supported in her attempt to keep Joe Miller from getting into the US Senate. He's not an insider.

In Florida, Charlie Crist defeated in the primary, is doing all he can to split the vote and keep legitimate GOP Candidate Marco Rubio out of the Senate. In Delaware, defeated insider Mike Castle is doing all he can to discredit Christine O'Donnel in her run for the Senate. About the same for Rand Paul in Tennessee, and others. They would rather have the the non-fairhaired candidates they didn't select lose rather than relinquish their hold on power over the long haul. Maybe the candidates that came out on top in the primary elections aren't the slickest, most fully vetted, most carefully groomed and most carefully hogtied by the Central Committees, but they are the legitimate candidates.

So, my belief is this. The rank and file Republicans across America had better start cleaning out their local committee and make the old hacks know they are welcome but no longer in power. It is particularly so in Colorado State and County committees.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, September 2010

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