GOP Establishment Elites in Delaware
same as
GOP Establishment Elites in Colorado

Curt Dale

As I watched the petulant reaction of Karl Rove to McConnell defeating GOP fav Mike Castle in Delaware, and the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee instantly saying they won't put any $$ into her campaign, I saw a replay of what's happened with Dan Maes in Colorado. Rove, called her "nutty," and demeaned her for the same sort of nits as Hank Brown, Tom Tancredo, Ted Harvey, Dick Wadhams, Bill Owens and the other self appointed elites of Colorado GOP have submarined Dan Maes. Some are so piqued they are willing to jump behind a third party candidate. Yes I am a Republican, first, but I'm a Tea Partier, and I want to see a GOP winner in any office that's up for grabs. Can't the GOP Establishment get the picture? They are facing something that's terrifying to them. They are being told, "You aren't runnin' the show any more, Establishment Pukes. We, the People are running it from here on out. We are choosin' the candidates. If you don't like it, shut your yap or jump in the fray and support your party.

I feel a sense of shame that the Republican Party that I've supported for so many years can instantly turn to a group of yammering brats just because their applecart got upset in a valid Primary election. What should they do? Jump behind the nominee, holding their nose if necessary, but keepin' their opinions to themselves and beating the drum on his or her behalf.

If the GOP fails to capture the House and Senate in November, it must be laid right at the feet of these egotistical dimwits who want to preserve the status quo which translates they stay in office, whether they are in power or not. We see it differently! If they can't be more than Republicans in Name Only, get 'em out of there at the earliest opportunity.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, September 2010

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