Keep the Focus on Tea Party

Curt Dale

Tea Partiers, do not lose your focus. The May Day "movement" by the folks wanting to get the illegal immigrants amnesty is an attempt to get us off theme. The Arizona law that was just passed and signed by Governor Brewer is exactly on point, carrying out demands we Tea Party folks have been asking for. It isn't against the Constitution. It is in perfect agreement with the Constitution and reflects the federal laws of the United States which are not being enforced and, in fact, belittled by the Obama Administration.

Look at how the crowd sizes of the May Day protests were edited. They were cropped, reshot without pans, and verbally inflated to at least the same degree Tea Party crowds have been deflated by the Liberal press. So don't lose heart! Don't lose sight of the issue. November is the key! Whatever Obama, Pelosi, and Reid attempt to do to increase their voting base through sudden amnesty for illegals, going after statehood for Puerto Rico, or gerrymandering, it cannot keep us from the purpose at hand. Win 2010 in the Congress, statehouses, governorships, and local elections, then defeat Obama in 2012 and make more gains in the Congress. That's the key!

These May Day people are wearing Mexican Flags, desecrating Old Glory, and wearing red and yellow shirts reminiscent of the Soviet Union's Communist May Day Parades, for gosh sake. That is a banner to the world that they are a Socialist/Communist movement. They are flaunting the law in every way. The attempt to compare the conduct of people in the May Day protests, where policemen were attacked and people hurt by debris and violence, with the behavior of totally peaceful Tea Parties is a conglomeration of lies fomented by the Liberal Press. The attempt to Hitler-ize Governor Brewer is ridiculous. She is protecting the law abiding citizens of her state which is her sworn duty. Likewise the brave state legislators of Arizona! Hurrah for these people who had the audacity and fortitude to stand up and be counted.

Our focus has to remain on Conservatism. The Arizona law is part and parcel of that Conservatism. Don't be suckered into criticizing what Arizona has done. Instead, realize that Texas, California, New Mexico Nevada, as well as other non-Mexico-border states should adopt the same approach, or even more stringent.

Stay on task-Conservative Victory in November!

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, May 2010

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