Obamadness to unilaterally destroy our military dominance

Curt Dale

Why did I and millions of others fight the Cold War for all those years, helping defeat and dissolve the USSR, only to have this silly twit of a President, Barack Hussein Obama, come in and start to dismantle the most powerful nation in the world, even in history? What was the purpose of the 27 years I spent sitting in Alert Shacks, sitting in Atlas ICBM and Minuteman III ICBM Launch Operations Centers, flying the Airborne Command Post, and flying reconnaissance, helping us maintain our dominance and give President Ronald Reagan the muscle necessary to bring down the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain?

Obama's decision to start paring down our nuclear weapons, stopping development of better weapons, and his decision that he will not use nuclear weapon even if we are attacked with biological or chemical weapons or hit by a crippling cyberattack. Do you reckon he will use the same restraint on his attacks against Tea Party citizens? For the President of the United States to take his most powerful weapons out of play and telegraph this weak-headed thinking to Russia, China, Iran and any non-nuclear nations that have designs on taking us down is a most disastrous international relations faux pas. Not even Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Baines Johnson or Bill Clinton made overtures of such lay-down-and-roll-over attitude.

I don't appreciate Obama's squandering of what I fought for between 1959 and 1986, feeling I'd helped leave a legacy of protection and security for my children and grandchildren. With a few ill chosen words, blathered to his beloved New York Times, he offhandedly discounted the policy of Peace through Power. He seems to believe that we can be a world power if we will merely lie down, put our belly up and see if the world will rub it for us.

It seems that Obama doesn't have the slightest clue of the value of military power and how it has been used for good since we won World War II. He seems to have no appreciation for what was handed to him when he became the Commander in Chief all United States military entities. I get the feeling that if we are ever attacked and he has to go to "the football" to initiate nuclear warfare, it will open up and he'll have a speech prepared to counter the attack rather than authorize appropriate response. I won't even try to answer the question, "What was he thinking?" as he chose to advertise this to the world. This may have been the unstated position of many or all Presidents since Truman, but it is a position that never, I repeat, never should have been publicly disclosed.

I have only one solace as I watch all of this unfold. It adds yet another unpopular decision to the stack he has begun to create. His failed bailout-stimulus policy has become the first major albatross hung around his neck. Obamacare, just passed, is a putrid fish taking his standing downward at a fast pace. It now appears his flagrant spending is forcing him to renege on his promise to not raise taxes-what other choice does he have? His double dealing announcement of last week on off shore drilling was quickly decoded as a laughably transparent political ploy that didn't work for either Right, Moderate or Left because it was just "too devious" for anyone to believe. The solace I get from this is that it merely adds to the evidence that this President is unworthy of trust and that he will be a lame duck president before he even reaches his midterm.

This attempt to form a new Post Cold War Strategy is pitifully impotent . But he's off to Prague to sign a new arms reduction treaty with Russia. As if we trust Russia and Vladimir Putin! The expectations of Russia carrying through with this treaty are about as bright as signing a treaty with Al Qaeda. September 11 took us beyond the Post Cold War period. Did Obama miss that little fact? It is impossible to return to pre 9-11, Post Cold War thinking and keep our strength. He doesn't realize that the world has turned.

Well, November 2010's election is our opportunity to correct the course of our nation. We must send enough new, straight thinking people to Washington charged with neutralizing the efforts of Obama and his Czars, then we can fully stop them in 2012.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, April 2010

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