Throw RINOs under the bus

Curt Dale

I want to make a few things clear about my perceptions of the Tea Party Movement-from my own involvement. I want to draw a line between A Tea Party and THE Tea Party.

I went to A Tea Party in Denver. I went to Another Tea Party in Denver. I went to A Tea Party in Castle Rock, CO. I did not join "THE Tea Party" since I don't believe it actually exists as a broad-based party. Nor would I join "THE Tea Party," even if it existed. I am delighted with A Tea Party. But, I am a dyed in the wool, mossyback , hardheaded, hillbilly Republican, and I don't intend to change that. I went to A Tea Party, with re-enactment of AN Historic Boston Tea Party in Mind. I stand with Tea Party folks against the horrible turns our government has taken-specifically standing against Obama, his Czars and the Congress. It's a Congress made up of Liberal Democrats to the max, a couple of Liberal Independents, and far too many Republicans In Name Only-RINOs who will proclaim being Conservative until BHO dangles anything from a photo op to a piece of pork under their noses. Then those RINOs show their Liberal innards just enough to get the goodies, then they're back to Let's Pretend Conservative.

I signed up for the 9/12 Movement, not "THE Tea Party."

I Celebrate the Tea Party Movement, bit I don't want to back any Third Party Candidate, and I don't want to see there be "The Tea Party." If that happens, all we've done is pull another Ross Perot Reform Party gig, or Dixiecrats, Union Party, Populist party, which die quickly. I don't want to see the Tea Party Movement die, but it will if it tries to become THE Tea Party. That'll put us right back where we are now by splitting the Republican Party Vote and putting the same ol' haggard, far too familiar faces of John McCain, Chuck Hagel-choose your RINOs-back on the same ol' tax and spend merry-go-round, cutting deals and telling us how nice we need to play. We are fighting for our survival as a nation against some of the most heinous forces that have ever stepped inside the perimeter of Washington DC. We can't afford to just play nice and see how it works out. I want tough-minded, unswerving representatives of my Conservative Republican principles.

I want to see the Tea Party Movement very logically choose the candidates who exhibit the real vestiges of Conservatism. I don't want to see the movement support those who shun Conservative issues until they find they have to add that awful "C" word to their quiver in order to try to woo Conservatives back to their side. I want a representative who is a Conservative through thick and thin, unwavering. I don't want the one who reaches across the Aisle, or who equivocates and slips over on the QT to support abortion, taxes, bailouts, Obamacare, ANWR, or Global Warming. Such Liberal movements are totally repugnant to me, and I want nothing to do with any politician who can proclaim being Conservative, pretend to agree with my aversion to those issues, then slip over and vote for them at the last minute.

I also want to see a lot of fresh Conservative faces in the mix, not recycling of the same ol' elites into the offices. I'm very upset that the elites of the GOP have decided Jane Norton will automatically be the Colorado Republican nominee for US Senate. I will also venture she used her connections to even create the illusion that she's the frontrunner for nominee. Let me help choose my own nominee. Scott McInnis is a very smooth speaker and seems to have all the talking points honed to a tee on Conservatism. But, I can't forget that he's being recycled from 6 terms in Congress. Is he a deal-cutting expert I want to see in the Governor's Mansion? Ken Buck talks a good Second Amendment-for his wife. But is he a pro-Second Amendment Pretender. I didn't hear the answers I wanted when I heard him speak. The two people I've heard who are down the line on what I believe are Dan Maes for Colorado Governor and Cleve Tidwell for U. S. Senator.

I tired of watching local "machines" decide for us who's to be the nominee. Let everyone who can qualify run then let us sort it out. I don't want a County GOP Chairman and Committee becoming the vetting agency for who will qualify as a suitable Candidate according to the whim of the local elites.

For me, A Tea Party is a way for me to join with generally likeminded citizens, waive my flag, show my posters, and tell the world I don't want any more of what's going on. I want to advertise I don't have representatives in Washington--I have lapdogs in Washington. I want to spit in the face of the King, just as the attendees of the Boston Tea Party did. I don't want an organization set up to use my attendance of A Tea Party for developing a Third Party and splitting off the Conservative vote from any Republican Candidate who is worthy. If we have THE TEA PARTY, it will inevitably go the way of other Third Party efforts. We have a two party system, and that's a fact. We're Democrats and Republicans. The bases of the Republican and the Democrat parties are huge, and that's not going to change. What we have to change in the Republican Party is to support the Republican who has the pedigree of Ronald Reagan and is willing to stake his or her political career upon the principles of that pedigree.

We who like to go to A Tea Party have a wonderful opportunity facing us for November 2010. We can deal an overwhelming blow in favor of Conservatism and reversing many of the bad deals that have been made in the past year. But if we try to do that by running minor candidates, last minute and underfunded, we will blow it in a major way. It won't do any good to throw tea in the harbor again, but we can sure throw RINOs under the bus.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, February 2010

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