Massachusetts miracle in the nick of time

Curt Dale


I woke up at 4AM this morning literally unable to go back to sleep because of my excitement that Scott Brown managed to pull off that simply unbelievable victory over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts (and unlike Coakley, I spelled it correctly without spell check). I was at the Republican Meeting at the Douglas County Fairgrounds last night, as they were choosing the county's party leaders when it was announced she'd conceded. The place erupted. Marvelous! A friend who is also an avid political watcher just wrote me a note saying, "There is Hope!" My little reply to him turned into this column.

In my estimation, that victory has so many implications that I can't even count them. I'd say it reaches into almost every 2010 House and Senate race and into State races. I can't help but wonder about the marvel that it was a Special Election culminating in a Conservative win at the very moment in time when it was most needed to at least throw a chock into the spokes of Obama's mad dash to our extinction.

I see the things that took place in DC during those relatively few weeks it took Brown to go from 20+ points behind to a 5 point victory as the key to Coakley's defeat. There's Obamacare's backroom deals with hundreds of millions of dollars recklessly buying out Nebraska's Ben Nelson, Louisiana's Mary Landreau, giving labor union special deals, while still touting Cap and Trade. And there's the absolute arrogance toward continual polls showing the Democrats are trying to force things down our throats the things a large majority of Americans don't want. The Christmas Day Airline terrorist being treated as a criminal instead of a terrorist along with the casual view the Obama and his Administration took of that and all the other recent terrorist acts such as Fort Hood. Maybe I'm overstating it, but a 25 point change in weeks, particularly in America's most liberal stronghold for Ted Kennedy's seat of 46 years, doesn't just happen from jawing on the campaign trail, TV and radio spots, and putting out yard signs. People had to be moved by other forces. It would appear that reverence for what the Democrats have touted as the "Kennedy Bill," otherwise known as Obama care was less than universal. I cannot dismiss my thoughts of Providential intervention in all that took place.

I'm not implying that Scott Brown will be our ultimate "savior," since he will enter Congress as a junior senator. But he has given us a breathing-time reprieve that will see if we are strong enough to seize the opportunity, throw ourselves into the breach and stop the madness going on in our nation. I hope I'm not overly naïve, but I do see him as bringing to its apex one of the most important political turnarounds this nation has ever experienced and giving us a shove down the other side toward some sanity.

We saw something far above the political norms in America. Combine those things with Brown's on target, on message campaign, upbeat and above the fray, and we see a formula for Tea Party enthusiasts, Republicans and Conservative to employ in a victory across America.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, January 2010

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