Obama proposes Seniors get first election
graft and corruption stimulus check

Curt Dale


So, let's talk about President Barrack Hussein Obama's plans for we Seniors. He has cancelled any Social Security payment raises for this year and it looks like for at least the following two years. In exchange for that, he's says he's gonna give us a "stimulus" in the form of a $250 check. Big deal! Even George Bush's Tax Rebates were about 3 times that big, they went to everyone who paid taxes and they were reasonably helpful to the economy. This $250 check isn't a stimulus. It's using some of the stimulus money from the billions of dollars the Democrats have run up in debt to start paying for votes in 2010 and 2012. Nothing more complicated than that. We are paying ahead of time for their campaign. Those folks who go to the big Democrat fund raiser dinners and pay thousands for a one course dinner. Folks, we don't even get the mashed potatoes and peas. They just took it. Yup! Here comes my check to stimulate that graft and corruption. Put it in our front pocket and steal it out of the hip pocket. Slick!

But, $250 to the seniors? That's the equivalent of takin' a potential voter to the polls and rewarding him with a swig of whisky if he'll vote for Obama. That was a favorite trick of my Uncle George's when he was politickin' for the Democrats in the backwoods of West Virginia. How much of that $250 will you get to keep. They'll give it to you, then take a good chunk of it back in taxes. Since I'm a registered American Indian, I'll call that "Indian Givin'!"

But this Social Security smoke and mirrors is nothin' compared to what they're doing to the Seniors with Obamacare and Medicare. You've heard that the most current Obamacare is being fleshed out at about $829 Billion, which you can double according to some estimates by the independent Budget Management Office.

Now, how much does Obama want cut from Medicare? He wants to cut $500 Billion from Medicare. Essentially two-thirds of the Obamacare tab will be right off the backs of Seniors. Consider this. I didn't choose Medicare. I had worked my years and had my military medical care. Bill Clinton put all of we Seniors of Medicare and scuttled our military retiree medical care for our latter years. Other Seniors will be able to tell how he scuttled their program. So, we are in Medicare by force, not by choice. Now, that Clinton put us into it, Obama is cutting it to the quick, leaving us to fend for ourselves in our waning years.

But, back to that $250 check! Does he think we are so stupid as to think that we should vote for him and his radical Democrats , repaying him for throwing us a bone when, in fact, he's robbing us from all directions.

I'm making this short and sweet. It's too simple a scam to need a long explanation.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, October 2009

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