Open Letter to (former) Congressman Bob Beauprez

Curt Dale

Congressman, you and I have met a few times and had long discussions. You had an even longer discussion with my son, Daniel, at the Hugh Hewitt session, Republican HQ in Highlands Ranch a few years back when we were getting GW reelected. Daniel was in the wheelchair. I'm the old retired USAF Colonel. We also chatted a bit at the Parade in Parker way back when. Daniel made his Eagle Scout Rank at age 13 years, 1 month, now has 103 Merit Badges with others nearly complete, and will get his 13th Palm to the Eagle next week. I'll never forget you kneeling down and talking with him and both you and Mrs. Beauprez visiting with him.

Well, enough chitchat. Time to get back into the saddle, sir. We've had about all of the Liberal Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Terrorists in the White House, and Oympia Snowe that we can stand. BHO is a disaster.

I USED to write for 8 to 10 newspapers weekly on the Front Range, all CCN newspapers, and for 3 more of Bob Sweeney's papers on the West Slope. Did that for over 20 years. Conservative Op Eds! The minute Obama was inaugurated, I disappeared from the scene, commensurate with the demise of the Rocky Mountain News. The reason is that they all want to cover "local interest," not politics. That's the dodge for saying, "We won't let you say anything against Obama.!"

My daughter and I now have a website, Please visit!

Sir, this sucker we've got for a President is slipping our freedoms our from under us at a rapid rate. I'm attending the Tea Parties, Town Halls (Mike Coffman's was great), and March on the Capitol in Denver. The fire is in our bellies. We just need some unequivocal Conservative leadership who won't give in like some of the weak kneed bunch we've got in Washington. Are you up to the task. To be so, you'll need to step up a lot stronger and unbending than in the run against Ritter. No offense intended, but the gentlemanliness in you will have to take a back seat against this bunch of thugs in Washington and in Colorado.

I'm so SICK OF JOHN McCAIN I could barf. What's he doing, getting into the Colorado GOP Politics. Let US CHOOSE who we want to run for Senate. He should quietly finish his term and go home. Yes, he's a war hero. I wasn't a POW, but I did 3 tours and 153 Combat Missions in Vietnam. Got shot at plenty but didn't get shot down, so I'm no hero. But I haven't lost the desire in my heart to pass on a FREE AMERICA, not the Socialist nation that Obama is constructing at a rapid rate. God Help Us!

Colonel Curtis D. Dale, PhD, USAF (Ret)

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, October 2009

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