Is President in Perpetuity being made as we watch?

Curt Dale

I've come to a conclusion that literally scares me, and I am nearly repulsed at my own willingness to even admit what I believe. I've written very little in the past three weeks. I guess I've been working myself up to this realization. I believe that, given the option, Barack Hussein Obama never intends to leave the White House. I would rather be wrong about this than right, but whether I'm right or wrong on this point remains to be seen.

Watching the rapid changes in how we're being governed, given his rampant spending sprees, enormous grab of all the banking and automobile manufacturing assets that he can place under his thumb through appointment of unchallenged, un-vetted, and mostly unqualified czars, what other conclusion can I reach? His battering ram approach to instituting a government controlled health care system is more dictatorial than America's ever seen. Here is a man who decided to fire CEO's of banks and automobile companies and put in those he or his czars feel comfortable with. A Czar then dictates how much companies pay their chief and high ranking executives. Czars for everything!

He alienates allies and coddles enemies. The slap in the face of Poland over the missile defense system this week, mollifying Russia's Putin is exemplary.

The Cap and Trade legislation is yet another government intrusion that most Americans abhor, particularly if they have any inkling of what it means. How he kowtowed to the UN yesterday on the matter, belittling American, again, before the leaders of the nations on the Global Warming/Climate Change/whatever Al Gore calls it this week, was disgusting and frightening. The man has no respect for the nation that placed him in near ultimate power, and we are seeing power run amuck as he tours the nation and world. Every uttered word is aimed at yet another power grab.

When someone dares compare him to Hitler or any other dictator, call him Socialist or show how he is Marxist, the fangs and claws of his sycophants deploy with lighting speed. The mere mention of how he's following the same paths as Hugo Chavez is enough to put them into apoplexy.

He is defending ACORN and dismissing the heinous revelations about the graft and corruption revealed by a couple of very inventive investigative reporters in five different ACORN offices in cities across the nation. He was extremely snide as he indicated he wasn't paying much attention as it wasn't one of the important matters in the nation for him. The revelations reconfirmed the corruption ACORN introduces into our national and local elections and opened our eyes to the way they are willing to use prostitution, tax evasion, or almost any other illegal means to put more money into the ACORN coffers. Obama is largely a product of that movement and has bee one of its biggest allies. Now, he's in a position to protect them against consequence for criminal actions.

This is the president who headed off to Wisconsin on the day 1.7 Million people marched on Washington DC to protest Obamacare, Cap and Trade, his czars, the Democrat Controlled Congress and a bundle of other things the people think he's doing wrong. Yet, he literally mocks us and has his White House Staff release an initial statement that they were unaware the march was taking place. That was the same announcement they made on 15 April for the Tax Day Tea Party. We can derive a number of things from that. Either they are stupid enough to think we are stupid, they literally think we are stupid, or they are totally stupid. Whatever the reality, the White House has not intention of hearing what we are saying. Obama is willing to say anything, depending on the audience listening, but he always comes right back to the entering argument. He is not changing anything from his radical agenda. The rhetoric may shift, but it ends up with the aims of the Far Left agenda.

He is now considering the bailout of the troubled liberal newspapers across the nation, the same ones that are totally in his hip pocket. If he can rig a bailout for them, then they will be eternally indebted to him, even more supportive than present-which is hard to imagine. When he runs for reelection, he would have the media already bought and paid for, with my money and yours.

I'm looking at Obama as "The Morning Glory President." When he opens up, gazing toward the sun, he looks glorious to those who don't question why he's there. In fact the Morning Glory is a Bind Weed. It grows up around its host, seeking the sun, gradually strangling everything around it. By the time we realize it's a noxious weed, it's smothered everything around it, stifled food bearing plants, and put the garden to ruin. I'm not even going to explain the corollary. And if you don't get that, then you haven't questioned why he's there.

But, you see, I make one dangerous assumption--that he would still be willing to abide by the Constitution enough to even have to run for reelection. I'm not even sure that's true, and my doubts grow. Even before he got into office, his mignons were touting additional terms for him. The actions I describe above, along with so many other actions he's taken, show that he has nothing but contempt for the Constitution of the United States. If he ignores so many parts of it, he can be expected to have contempt for all of it. So, the provision that a President can only serve two terms per the 22nd Amendment would be of no more consequence to him than those he has already violated so blatantly. At this point, I'm not sure how far this man is willing to go to have total control of economy, business, media, health care, internet, and what have been our Constitutional rights until now.

I've already been the victim of the shift in the media as he was inaugurated. I was writing weekly columns for at least 11 different newspapers with a column weekly and had been doing so for over 20 years. As soon as Obama was inaugurated, my column immediately disappeared from the papers. That was concurrent with the demise of the Rocky Mountain News. I can't find any other explanation for being shunned so instantly, except that the word must be out to go along or get hustled by the Administration until you fall in line.

So, is he becoming President in Perpetuity? Sadly, I must say I think it's his plan. No new presidents in his lifetime-or is he really immortal?

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, September 2009

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