The eulogy of Ted Kennedy mirrors the legacy of Ted Kennedy

Curt Dale

The lies, reconstructions, and false representations being foisted upon the sycophants of the late Ted Kennedy are a perfect mirror of his life. Throughout his life of misbehavior, criminal acts possibly including murder, and the duplicity of his political life, liberalism created his legacy by never telling the truth. He was lionized by "lyinizing." Now, the eulogies, columns and biographical articles continue to foist the same old worn lies upon us, ones that would so easily be debunked by a remotely balanced media.

So, don't expect me to be all that misty eyed about the passing of a perfect reprobate. Very little in his life, if anything, is worthy of adulation.

He's being touted as a great defender of the Roman Catholic faith. It's fair to say the legislation he championed to abort millions of babies is completely at odds with the laws of that faith which protects the life of the unborn with passion.

He enlisted in the Army for 4 years during the height of the Korean War. His father, rum running multimillionarie Joe Kennedy, got his enlistment reduced from 4 years to 2 years and got his assignment changed from Korea to Paris where he spent 2 years and rose all the way from Enlistee to Private.

Expelled from Harvard twice for cheating when he was caught cheating on a test and when he was caught paying a classmate to cheat for him, he eventually got a degree in Law, attending the University of Virgina. Even at the University of Virginia he was constantly in trouble with the law for reckless driving, drunk driving, etc., but Daddy Joe took care of it all.

Remember how he discredited George W. Bush on his academic background, yet Bush held Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Harvard and Yale. Remember how he bashed Bush over his National Guard service as an F-102 fighter pilot.

Kennedy was injured in an airplane crash in 1964, but the records were kept sealed until the mid 1980s. When opened they revealed he'd been intoxicated.

The Chappaquiddick Island story was probably an even bigger story than his death, but he was made into the victim, not Mary Jo Kopechne, the young woman he left to die in the limousine that he was driving, drunk, and ran off a bridge. Was it murder? Well, he didn't go back to get her until he'd walked back to a party they'd just left, passing several houses and a fire station on the way. He got a couple of buds to come back to the Chappaquiddick Bridge with him, where he'd driven off the bridge into the water.

The limo had overturned, and it was later discovered that Kopechne had lived until the air ran out, clawing at the floor carpet until she died of asphyxiation. They told him he needed to call in the accident to the police, he went to a hotel, slept it off, then called the police, but they'd already found the car with the corpse of Kopechne in it. Kennedy's family "called in the chits" and got him a two month suspended sentence for leaving the scene of an accident. Now, that was a tragic death that he caused. If we are going to mourn something with the passing of this old sot, it should be her, not him. I'd call it murder, but that's my opinion.

Oh what a great patriot Teddy is, according to the either lying or ill informed mourners of his death. But what about his proposals to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Y.V. Andropov, head of the KBG and a very smooth murderer of millions of USSR people during his reign of terror. Senator Kennedy approached him with a very complex proposal that was aimed at undermining the efforts of President Ronald Reagan to assure the security of the United States. Pure treason! This has been fully documented by in Paul Kengor's book, "The Crusader-Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism."

Kennedy was handed the Senate seat of JFK on a platter. He wasn't quite 30 when JFK was assassinated, so a family friend held the seat while Joe Kennedy lined up the seat for Teddy as soon as he turned 30. This manipulation that he learned from his father was practice and pattern from then on until his death and is still in progress. When John Kerry ran for President and vacated his Senate Seat from Massachusetts, Kennedy got the Democrat legislature to take power from Republican Governor Mitt Romney to appoint a successor, making the law that special election had to be conducted. This insured that Romney couldn't appoint a Republican.

Then, when Kennedy knew he was near death a few weeks ago, he played another underhanded political move and asked the Massachusetts Legislature to change the law back so that the governor will appoint his replacement. Purely a play on the sympathy of admirers! See, there's a Democrat Governor in Massachusetts now, so who would want to chance the seat to a special election, given the plummeting ratings of Obama and the Democrats.

Certainly his accomplishments have been very limited when stacked against 40 years in the Senate. He's pushed immigration expansion including his latest attempt to give illegals amnesty and about every other move possible to degrade the statues of this nation.

A public drunk, disrespectful of ladies, loud and boisterous, he liked the saying, "A blonde in every pond." Let's not forget the rape of the young woman in the Kennedy compound when he pretended to be in Washington when the police wanted to talk to him. All the time, he was in the mansion.

I only saw him once in person. I was walking across the mall in front of the US Capitol with friends, and he was berating some fellow walking with him, going in the opposite direction, publicly. Needless to say, I wasn't inclined to seek him out.

Curtis D. Dale, PhD, August 2009

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