Tea Parties going forward despite government interference

Curt Dale

Yesterday, we got an unexpected call from our son, Jonathan, who is working in Yonkers, NY at the moment between college semesters. He was excited to tell us he was at a Tea Party in New York City's Times Square. It was hard to communicate, but he said it was huge. The noise was so great that we couldn't communicate, but I followed up with him when he got back to his apartment. He has had a good does of the flu, whether Swine or not hasn't been determined, I suppose, but he went to the Tea Party, nevertheless.

When I got a chance to interview him, he said it was "crazy," with the size of the crowd. Of course the Obama controlled media is reporting there were about 1,500 people there, but the pictures of the crow on the blogs show a totally different picture, just like the report that there were about 650 people at the Denver Tea Party when there were 10 or 15 times that many people there in truth.

He said there were a lot of Libertarians there and that there were a lot of speeches that were interesting. I asked him why it was held yesterday instead of the July 4th. He said New York City wouldn't let them hold a Tea Party on the 4th, so it had to be held yesterday. Isn't that becoming quite the pattern?

The 15 April Tea Party in Atlanta, GA, was one of the biggest and liveliest in the nation, and another was planned for July 4th. But, it was to be held on private property, but the Simon Property Group, Co-Chaired by multibillionaire Melvin Simon who has contributed vast amounts to the campaigns of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, plus Al Franken, was able to exert pressure on the private property owners and force cancellation. I'm glad to see the good people of Atlanta aren't going to be totally shut down. They are not joining the Cobb Tea party in making it a huge metro-Atlanta Tea Party that will be held in Marietta, GA, on the evening of July 3rd, hopefully bigger and better than ever.

The Secret Service, which should be guarding the President, took action to force people away from a gathering at the Treasury Department on 15 April, in protest of the higher taxes and the runaway spending that is forcing us to higher and higher taxes.

At the same time, a million teabags were delivered to Lafayette Park in Washington DC, a three dimensional, symbolic representation of how many Americans are against this rush to spend and tax. Who controls the Secret Service?

Adding insult to the wholesale attack on the rights of American to gather and protest and exercise freedom of speech, Obama has constantly proclaimed that he had no knowledge that Tax Day Tea Parties were even taking place.

But of that day, House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-OH, said, "Across our nation, thousands of Americans are participating in taxpayer tea parties today for one simple reason: overtaxed families and small businesses have had enough." Although the forced suppression of mere acknowledgement that such parties took place will continue, possible with even greater fervor, they are taking place.

It is my plan to be in Castle Rock, CO, at noon, July 4th, wearing my Vietnam Veteran's ball cap and holding a standard high with some very clear messages for President Obama, and all those in league with him in the madness that is taking place.

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